[Wolves] OT: another attempt at getting android X86 os off the ground

Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint mark.croft.lug at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 14:45:58 UTC 2016

i am not getting very far with making it boot of the usb , most be
something special the windows utility that writes it too the usb pen
:( i will have to dig out a virtualbox of windows of my backup drive.

On 17 March 2016 at 14:21, Stephen Parkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote:
> On 17 March 2016 at 14:18, Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint <
> mark.croft.lug at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Maybe this what will happen to linux in the future? wonder if there
>> enough protection to stop some one selling a version of linux that is
>> closed source , i vaguelly remember a talk about GMU licencing etc.
> You can't un-GPL code without getting all the contributors to agree and
> even then code before the change in licence has to be available under the
> GPL.
> You can do what you like with most BSD and MIT code as long as you
> attribute and even that is less likely with the newer licences.
> Which is 'freeer'  discuss ;)
> steve
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