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Thu Mar 17 20:58:07 UTC 2016

i am being dim , i can't find anything happening in uk/west mids for
this event.

On 15 March 2016 at 08:13, Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk> wrote:
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> Subject:        [SFD-announce] News for 2016, DFD, HFD and more
> Date:   Mon, 14 Mar 2016 22:41:06 +0700
> From:   Frederic Muller - DFF <fred at digitalfreedomfoundation.org>
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> Dear all,
> As a few (many?) of you have seen, our servers got hacked during
> Christmas and we've been not very fast at getting everything back online
> .
> In the meantime we have been handed over the management of Document
> Freedom Day (DFD) and the FSFE is still hosting the system. It has taken
> us a bit of time to get familiar with the way events registration is
> being handled (and events appear...). I believe we're finally ready!
> So DFD is happening on March 30th this year, being the last Wednesday of
> March but as usual the date you chose is really what works best for you.
> Currently we have events planned from March 16 to April 8, with 17
> events registered and visible at
> http://documentfreedom.org/events/events.en.html
> The website has been updated to a minimum to reflect 2016 changes.
> Artworks design is available on FSFE git server at
> https://gitorious.org/document_freedom_day/artwork?p=document_freedom_da
> y:artwork.git;a=tree
> Next event planned for 2016 is Hardware Freedom Day which after a
> community consultation will happen on April 9th (2nd Saturday of the
> month). It seemed to be the best date for most of interested
> participant, so that's what we'll use this year. We still need to put
> the website, the wiki and the registration scripts back online,
> something which should happen this week or the next.
> The leftover is Education Freedom Day which obviously can't happen on
> March 23rd this year for a few reasons. We would be interested to know
> what date works best for you, and will run a poll as we did for HFD.
> And last but not least, Software Freedom Day will happen on September
> 17th this year. We will come back to this later but are planning to run
> a T-shirt design competition, and hopefully will be able to ship T-shirt
> this year.
> Thank you very much for your patience and let wish ourselves the best in
> promoting Software, Hardware, Document and Education Freedom!
> Frederic Muller
> Digital Freedom Foundation
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