[Wolves] ubuntu on windows

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Thu Mar 31 12:52:18 UTC 2016

On 31/03/16 13:44, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> You can't miss an opportunity to knock Canonical can you Pete :)

You (As in Canonical-nee-Ubuntu) put yourself in the firing line you 
should expect to get shot. I make no apology for highlighting their 

> It's not any distro, it's Ubuntu as they are the ones who have worked with
> MS to make this happen so they deserve their share of the credit.  Notice
> it's Ubuntu developers up there not GNU or Linux dev's or people working on
> other distros.  They helped MS with the user side of the setup to get this
> out.

No it's not. It is not Ubuntu, that's a whopping fib. Ubuntu is NOT 
running on Windows. Ubuntu may very well have helped implement Bash but 
that is NOT Ubuntu. Also are you seriously trying to say that Microsoft 
does not have the skill set to implement Bash on it's own? Sheesh.

> As somebody who has to use Windows for development I welcome this.  I use
> git everyday from a bash shell in windows, sometimes I need to cross
> compile things and sometimes that means Cygwin and sometime Ming32 some of
> my windows machines have three different bash terminals with different
> access levels to the underlying OS.  That's bollocks and if this means I
> can use Linux tools on top of a windows machine and some of the hassle will
> go away as various tool chain vendors move to this system then I love it :)

As will I. FOSS CLI tools ARE more powerful than MS's DOS terminal, I'd 
love to see more FOSS on Windows tbh.

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