[Wolves] OT: battery problems - Acer Aspire ES1-311-c4q6 with critical low battery message

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Fri May 6 08:09:32 UTC 2016

On 06/05/16 07:44, Kris Douglas via Wolves wrote:

> Is the charger kicking out enough power to charge the machine. I've never
> really liked aftermarket chargers. Whenever anyone I know has started using
> them they've ended up with dead batteries very quickly. I can't honestly
> say if there's any connection as I've never used one.
> The other possibility is that the charge port is damaged on the machine, or
> the charge circuit. Does it boot with no battery installed, I can't
> remember if you told us this or not.

This is the problem when you do things 'on the cheap' you really should consider genuine parts especially when it comes to batteries. Universal adapters are for getting you out the kack they're not meant as a long term solution.

My money's with Kris on this one I doubt the battery is faulty just probably not very good. Most people look at the voltage and think that's all they need but the amps is just as important. https://askleo.com/can_i_use_a_charger_that_provides_the_same_voltage_but_a_different_amperage/

Also, as Kris said, just because the port powers the laptop (Try taking the battery out and just running it on mains) does not mean that it will 'charge' as well.

Battery's are only meant to be temporary measures anyway, again, they're there to get you out the kack while you find a power source it's a battery for Pete's sake not a permanent power source. :-)

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