[Wolves] Ubuntu reverting to GNOME

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 20:04:19 UTC 2017

Unity, Mir and Ubuntu phone and tablet dead.


I got used to Unity but it gave me a great deal of motivation to look for
another Linux distribution to call home. All these things seemed like wrong
turnings at the time and are perhaps demonstrated as such. I realise now
that they were to support the desktop/phone/tablet convergence vision and
that, had it come off would have been a wonderful innovation, which I
suspect we haven't seen the last of, whether from Canonical or someone
else. Maybe they were just too early, or too small to carry off such a
grand vision.

I think the Ubuntu phones might be described as a minimum viable
product (an initial version of your product that’s good enough to test in
the market - a phrase I only learned yesterday), but it just didn't take
off, at least enough to continue pursuing that vision. For what it's worth,
the phones I saw looked lovely but I also heard they were never that stable
and didn't get the carrier, hardware manufacturer or consumer popularity

It's a shame really but I won't be sad about Ubuntu reverting to GNOME.

I await the shit storm of fanboi and naysayer responses (or just the normal
tumbleweeds). Sadly I'll be in someone elses office tomorrow so I won't be
able to pay attention.


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