[Wolves] Fwd: OggCamp 17 has been announced

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Mar 8 10:05:49 UTC 2017

On 07/03/17 08:32, Ron Wellsted via Wolves wrote:
> Forwarded from the lugmaster list:
> Hi all,
> OggCamp '17 was announced last week. It will be on 19th and 20th August
> in Canterbury.
> OggCamp is the largest Free Culture [1] conference in the UK and this is
> the 8th event run by the team.
> For tickets, more details about the venue, accommodation plans etc,
> please go to http://oggcamp.org
> [1] Free Culture includes Free/Open Source Software, Open Data, Creative
> Commons, Open Hardware and Maker environments.
> Any issues or queries, please address them to me, as I'm one of the
> organisers.

I'm not going this time. It will be the second LugRadio/OggCamp event I've missed. :-(

I'm saving myself for FOSDEM in 2018 as it's on my bucket list.

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