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Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Thu Mar 16 08:50:33 UTC 2017

On 15/03/17 16:30, Stephen Welch via Wolves wrote:
> Hi I recently took up a position in IT at mac Birmingham and have
> become involved in helping to organise a Raspberry Pi Jam event at
> mac.  When I say organise, I am leaning on a lot of experience from
> some of the guys at FizzPOP Birmingham.
> The idea behind this is that we can run something at mac that appeals
> to a younger audience (stop laughing) and something which is maker /
> digital /code club / etc,etc in content. mac does a lot of creative
> courses but things like this have not really been on the list.
> So we are intending to arrange a raspberry Pi Jam at mac Birmingham
> (Midlands Arts Centre - Cannon Hill park).  The date that has been
> penciled in is Saturday 29th July.
> We are hoping to organise the Jam something along the lines of the
> Derby Maker Faire (but I imagine on a smaller scale!) with a theme for
> talks and just a general show what people are making, and share what
> they are learning.  We might also try and drag some industry suppliers
> along as well.
> I will be sharing the response / reaction I get from the local lugs
> with the people at mac organising this so we can turn this penciled
> booking into a firm one and make it a good event.  Hopefully this will
> lead to more events like this at mac - if you exclude the swan boats
> on the lake the facilities are excellent!! ;-)
> So this is really a sounding out email to see if some you people would
> be interested in such an event and if you have any advice or contacts
> that you could share even better.
> Sorry for the cross posting.
> Stephen

I might pop along to that. Times, tickets and itinerary when ready please. :-)

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