[Wolves] Shropshire and Birmingham LUGs start Talk exchange Program does WLUG want in ????!!

John Alexander acontractornow at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 14:00:37 UTC 2018

Hi guys, as I'm sure you may of heard Shropshire and Birmingham LUGs have decided to operate a trial talk exchange program.
Keeping LUGs alive is a tough job and keeping them Linux focused more so but having regular talks on technical subjects is a good way of keeping that momentum. That said it's difficult after a few months for LUGs to maintain the flow of original talksĀ  to this end we have formed this talk exchange to keep the fresh blood flowing !!

Tim Williams from BLUG initially agreed to deliver his talk on Internet Video Technologies and now Heather Lomond from SLUG is doing the same at Birmingham with her talk on Weather Balloon sensor and telemetry interfacing to the Raspberry PI on the 16th of October.

Want to come then I'm sure you are welcome at Birmingham LUG and for certain always welcome here at any Shropshire LUG meeting!



Can you guys do a talk too and contribute to the fortuitous circle if so that'll be nice.
Either way if you would like one of us to do one for you then we are sure that we can do something.

Lets get talking ... John A

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