[Wolves] Logging onto a Linux Mint machine

Mark Ellse mark at ellse.org
Mon Apr 22 01:52:38 UTC 2019

I've recently built a Linux Mint machine for a second backup server. Samba
installs by sharing a folder. Guest access, if I set it, works: so sharing
is working. But user access only won't work because it won't give access if
I to a given username and password and I've checked with creating another
user "username" and "password".

I know that this should work because I have another similar machine which
works fine as a server for Windows File History from my main Windows 10
machine so I think I am doing something daft. I suspect that it is because
I am not using the full username. As well as "username" I have also used
"machinename/username" etc.

I'd be grateful for any hints.

Thanks, Mark.

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