[Wolves] OggCamp 19th & 20th October 2019

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Fri Jul 12 17:34:05 UTC 2019

On 11 July 2019 21:17:19 BST, Adam Sweet via Wolves <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>On 11/07/2019 17:58, Adam Sweet wrote:
>> On 17/06/2019 11:26, Peter Cannon via Wolves wrote:
>>> On 17/06/2019 10:17, Andy Chamberlain via Wolves wrote:
>>>> I am unable to go, I can't leave my dogs and the hotels will be a
>>>> pricey for a humble pensioner!!!
>>> Ask if you can take the dogs. I've been to previous OggCamps where
>dogs were present.
>>> I'm going but only for the day (Saturday) given it's the 10 year
>anniversary we should make the effort I suppose.
>> I've just got approval from SWMBO. Anyone else going? Amo, were you
>> thinking of going? Were you staying overnight or going back and forth
>> each day?
>> If I'm going I'm probably going Friday night and coming back Sunday
>> Monday, depending on accommodation costs.
>FWIW I just bought my ticket:
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I would have liked to go but I am already committed to the National Scout Rifle Championships at Bisley.

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