[Wolves] LUG State of the Nation Address

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Thu Jun 20 08:48:04 UTC 2019

On 19/06/2019 15:46, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
> I'm assuming you meant stuffy there ;) 

Who can tell? I'm a man of mystery.

>> I joined the LUG because I found it on a list in the back of Linux
>> Format do those lists still appear in magazines? Maybe we should ping
>> Linux Voice and Linux Format? In fact, given we're all talking about
>> the 10th anniversary of OggCamp how about those magazines write a
>> piece on how it all started with LugRadio Live and Wolves LUG because
>> without us there probably wouldn't have been any OggCamp.
> Good idea.

Really? Where do I send the invoice?

>> P.S. I actually miss some of the flame wars IMO all that was hurt
>> was peoples pride and some people deserve a good shoeing anyway.
>> Bwhahaha
> You make a point I hadn't considered, that some people like a good
> barney. Personalities differ and conflict is natural, but at least while
> we're trying build things I want to encourage participation and promote
> an atmosphere where people feel confident enough to post. Again, we'll
> have to build the right environment first before people will want to use it.

Na, you're right, and the world is moving on from dinosaurs like me who 
still create Root and User accounts and abhor Sudo as a diabolical n00b 
way round a perfectly sensible security precaution.

I support "inclusion" 100% and nobody should feel unable to 'join in' 
regardless of their social background, education or skill level. Sadly 
there are still those running around the community who display (IMO) 
"The arrogance of intelligence"

While I'll hold my hand up as a participant in a few flame wars myself 
the ones I wasn't involved in are great entertainment with a bowl of 
popcorn. :-)

I miss the good old days when the Internet was like the Wild West.

By the Pond Gods! I've posted more in the last few days than I have in 
the last five years. LOL

Peter Cannon

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matter and those who matter don't mind."

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