[Wolves] LUG State of the Nation Address

Andy Chamberlain triumph900 at talktalk.net
Thu Jun 20 09:48:15 UTC 2019

I also find it difficult to walk in on a small group of people but 
sometimes it is the only way.

I am a bit of a computer dummy but I am interested in computing and 
particularly Linux. Anything that tries to break the Windows strangle 
hold on computing is a good idea in my mind.

I find the group a good mix of social and technical 'stuff' (hate that 
modern term but it seemed to fit!!) and enjoy the banter.

I find the techy side difficult but the mix of the group is such that 
this in no way detracts from the enjoyment I get from attending the 


On 20/06/2019 10:13, Stephen Parkes via Wolves wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jun 2019 at 09:48, Peter Cannon via Wolves <
> wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>> I support "inclusion" 100% and nobody should feel unable to 'join in'
>> regardless of their social background, education or skill level. Sadly
>> there are still those running around the community who display (IMO)
>> "The arrogance of intelligence"
> We let Peter join in after all and he's a 'Sarfender' whatever that means.
> The widening of the remit should be all that's needed to be more
> inclusive.
> There is a big wide world of tech out there and we all love niches.
> Everybody here loves to see a passionate person talk about their favourite
> niche it's just getting the right people in the right settings for that to
> happen naturally.
> 'Proper talks' work for some LUGS but at the end people wander off and
> don't get involved in the social side and miss out on all the little
> huddles of people being passionate.  But huddles of people inside a larger
> group looks impenetrable to an outsider.  If it was easy to do then LUGS
> wouldn't be in the situation they are now :)  Both situations are bad at
> bringing outsiders into the fold.  I have no idea how to find the balance
> but as somebody who struggles in new social groups I can tell you both suck
> when you feel outside the group and it's far easier to walk away than try
> to walk a tight rope into such a complex situation.
> I struggle to attend meetings due the family situation but right now I'm
> really struggling with my hearing (it was always pretty bad but it's taken
> a real turn for the worse this year and I need to get it seen to) and I
> know I wouldn't be able to keep up with conversations at the LUG anymore.
> That's just down to the environment meets are held in but moving it to a
> more formal event means that many people will turn up for the odd talk and
> never move on to the informal part of the meeting where the real benefit
> it.  For some that's all they want out of a group but the vast majority of
> people on the list know that the social side and the little informal chats
> that arise from it are the best part of meetings.  A formal talk will
> inspire a percentage of the room but everyone goes away with fresh mojo
> after a good Wolves LUG meeting with various random little chats spinning
> off a general conversation.
> Yeah, rambling a bit ;)
> Widen the remit.  All tech's welcome with preference given to open
> development, niche topics and a do it yourself attitude.  Catch everything
> from the classic geek topics of amateur radio to diy biopunk because at the
> heart we're inquisitive people who want the stimulation of seeing new
> things and the comfort of enjoying the fact the old tech is still around.
> sparkes

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