[Wolves] LUG Meetings on Tour

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 11:28:17 UTC 2019

Hi all

We got into a nice habit of meeting somewhere different every 3 months
or so while keeping our regular base at the Royal Tiger in between and
it's been about 5 months since the last one so we're overdue.

I'd like to carry that on by meeting somewhere else every month or two,
starting with the one on 17th July, so where we should hold these
'touring' LUG meetings? Since I no longer live in Wolves I'm probably
not the best person to suggest.

In the recent past we've been to the Oddfellows in Compton, the
Nickelodeon and Cosmo at Bentley Bridge, the Pie Factory in Tipton, the
Red Leaf in West Brom, Penn Tandoori and others.

Can anyone recommend somewhere that people would be willing to travel
to, which serves decent food and drinks but isn't prohibitively
expensive, where there's parking and they won't mind us sitting there
all night, or we can at least move to a pub nearby afterwards?

Off the top of my head there's:

The Springhill in Penn, where mains look around £10-£15, which
is a bit steeper than usual.

We planned to go back to the Nickelodeon but maybe somewhere different
would be nice.

I've been meaning to go to Kebub, which is a Turkish kebab restaurant in
West Bromwich. It looks like there's another Turkish restaurant in
School Street, Wolverhampton called Bodrum Delight though I haven't been

I'm always up for a good Indian restaurant too. A step further along
that road is that there's a growing trend in the
Birmingham/Smethwick/Black Country area for grotty old pubs to be reborn
as 'Desi Pubs',  which specialise in Anglo-Indian food, particularly
Indian mixed grills. They're quite a fashionable thing over here. It
looks like there are a few in Wolves if anybody knows whether they're
any good.

If you're likely to come then your thoughts on where we should go are
important. If you'd like to come but we're always too far away, this is
your chance for us to meet up near you. We might not be near you for the
next one, but we could be soon if enough people are willing to go.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


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