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Mon Jun 24 20:25:14 UTC 2019

On Mon, 24 Jun 2019 at 12:05, Adam Sweet via Wolves
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> I do understand that as a group we and the kind of members we'd like to
> attract share a far wider base of common interests than just Linux and
> it is likely that the Linux user group brand is limiting our appeal.

Can I do a talk on Windows 98 Millenium Edition?

> In the mean time, is anyone fundamentally against the idea of widening
> the remit to an open technology group rather than specifically being a
> Linux user group? Largely it's just a marketing change and won't make
> any real difference to the way we do things, but it does mean we may
> have an increasing number of members that are not interested in Linux
> and that might dilute the level of interest our existing members have.

Please excuse any typos and my poor sense of humour.

I think its a good idea.  Particularly hooking up with maker communities
 - if you do a show and tell event to try and build numbers its a lot
more intresting than say,  staring at a screen?  Plus its intresting.

I cant promise a talk for you but I recently did one at SB lug - my first after
being a member for a few years and really only having attended a couple
of handful of meetings over the years.  I find that as I care less about the
kids I have more time to myself :-)  So I have attended a few meetings
recently and finally committed to do one myself -  it's great to give back
after the same old faces have been doing the talks and the membership
helping me  / keeping me informed over the years.  I have a talk under
my belt now so let see what happens.

Keep it fun, keep it busy, keep it interesting.

Keep up the good work all.


PS work with a bloke called Joseph Price - knows you from your lug
radio days.

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