[Wolves] Meeting venue for next week

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 17:14:32 UTC 2019

As discussed previously, I'd like to move the meetings around to
different locations now and again. My original plan would have meant
that next week would be somewhere else rather than at the Royal Tiger.

I'd like to go somewhere else but work is busy and I'm away at Oggcamp
all weekend so am short on time to look at where to go. Anyone have a
preference for the Royal Tiger or an alternative?

The Island House on Stafford Road is a pub with a bistro style
restaurant and seemed pretty good last time I was there. I'd have to
check whether we need to book though.

I really enjoyed the Grill House when we went a month ago though it
seems a bit soon to go back. I'd still like to go to a 'Desi Pub' -
think of the Pie Factory but serving an Indian mixed grill. Also, I'd
like to go to Indigo Restaurant at some point, an Indian restaurant and
3rd highest rated restaurant of any kind in Wolverhampton.

There are also all the previous suggestions here:


Royal Tiger or somewhere else?


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