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Hi all

The following was sent to the LUGmaster list by Dan Lynch, one of the
founders and organisers of Oggcamp, with a request to post it to the
other LUG mailing lists. I'm sure those of you who are likely to go are
going but just in case any of you don't know what Oggcamp is or are on
the fence about going, please see the email from Dan below.

FWIW, Amo, Iain and I are going and Oggcamp is always a good natured and
fun conference.


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Hello all,

I run an Open Source community event called OggCamp, it's one of the
oldest and largest in the UK. Our 10th birthday is coming up in October
and we'll be running the event on October 19th & 20th 2019 at the
Pendulum Hotel conference centre in Manchester. There are also social
events at the hotel on Friday Oct 18th and many people make a full
weekend of it.

What the hell is it though? Good question, I'm glad you asked. The
quickest way to get up to speed is to watch the short video (5mins) on
our home page - https://oggcamp.org

It's a 2 day conference, barcamp, hackfest and general get together of
geeks, makers, tinkerers and others. We have a scheduled track of
speakers on the main stage with an opening keynote by Andy
Stanford-Clark who'll tell us about how the Mosquitto project was
actually created at the first OggCamp in 2009 and what's happening
since. A full list of scheduled speakers and topics can be found here -

There will also be 3 barcamp tracks where anyone can pitch a talk or
session and run it. This always brings out interesting things we never
would have planned and of course we'd love you to get involved.

We have exhibition spaces available at the moment for companies,
projects and community groups. It's all free (as in beer) so if you're
interested drop me an email and we can talk about it.

There will be a kids track with events for the family on Saturday, our
Open Hardware Jam in which workshops and other things take place. This
is run by the awesome folks behind Liverpool MakeFest, so if you enjoyed
that event this should be right up your street!

This year we are also partnering with FlawCon a security conference
which will run as part of OggCamp on Sunday. So there's plenty to do and

Tickets are available for the price of your choosing (yes including
free, that's fine) at https://oggcamp.org/tickets/

Ok this message is probably long enough so if you read this far I thank
you. I welcome any questions or enquiries about OggCamp so feel free to
ask :-)

Dan Lynch
Mail: contact at oggcamp.org
Web: https://oggcamp.org
Twitter: @oggcamp

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