[Wolves] Adam thanks for coming to Shropshire LUG

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 10:11:05 UTC 2019

On 05/09/2019 16:03, John Alexander via Wolves wrote:
> Hi there Adam, thanks for coming up to see us in Wellington.

You're welcome and I'm grateful to them for making me feel welcome. As I
explained to them, I wouldn't mind coming again but the journey is more
or less a 2 hour round trip from here, so it's unlikely to be either
regular or any time soon.

> The format was a rather relaxed August Holiday mode with a reasonable turn out of 10 or so including your self.
> I was wondering how you found it and any particular comments you would like to make?

They were a nice, friendly bunch. Roger, Mick, Lee and Heather were all
pretty chatty. I had a good chat with Lee afterwards. Home automation
was the informal conversational topic of the evening and I recall from
when I came for Chris' talk (2015?) that Roger is talkative and
knowledgable on the subject.

Most of it was beyond me, I spent most of my time looking up things that
people were talking about, but I came away with a bunch of bookmarks for
things to look at and some ideas on how to change things that we want to
improve at our new house.

I understand that the pork pies weren't up to their usual standard. I
did think they were OK at best, but I believe the lady that usually does
the food was away, though the chips were pretty good. Sadly there was a
misunderstanding and those that only wanted chips didn't get any.

As I said, they were a nice enough bunch and I'd come again, but due to
distance it's only ever likely to be rare one offs.


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