[Wolves] Facebook Group

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 13:37:13 UTC 2020

In a bid to meet potential members where they aleady are, I've created a
Wolverhampton Linux User Group on Facebook:


I've already invited a few people who are active LUG members I'm friends
with on Facebook. To everyone else, please feel free to join if you use

I'm still setting up so there aren't any posts but I'm certainly lacking
any decent images to use. The LUG logo is too small for use according to
FB. If anyone has any decent and recent photos of LUG members, please
join and share them (photos of me in a thong not welcome). Likewise if
anyone feels like cobbling together a new logo.

At this point, I'm not sure what the FB group will be used for beyond a
shop front for new people to find us. The aim is to be findable and
point people towards the mailing list. That said, younger people find
mailing lists weird and antiquated so maybe the Facebook group will
develop into a place for sharing and discussion.

Another thing I'm thinking about is a Discourse server:


It's essentially a modern web forum that will be more familiar to
younger users (see above comment about mailing lists). Simon Burke
kindly set up a test environment to play with and I've had a bit of a
poke at it though I have to admit I've not used Discourse elsewhere so
I'm not familiar with it. Does anyone here use Discourse in other

I may try to add a 'drone' Discourse user and set is a mailing list
member to see if we can get cross-posting from Discourse to the mailing
list, though list members would need to follow the Discourse links to
reply and I doubt it would be possible to get mailing list emails to
appear as Discourse posts.

Personally I'd prefer maintain all discussion within the mailing list
and use these other things as funnels but we have to move with the times
and use whatever people prefer so we'll see if these bring us any new
users and which medium is most popular over time.


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