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Steven Maddox s.maddox at lantizia.me.uk
Wed Jan 8 14:08:10 UTC 2020

Hey Adam,

I feel like I may have mentioned this before (but possibly it was to 
someone else) but we've (and by we I mean functionoffice.org, a 
non-profit) set up a server specifically to be a multi-tenant Mailman 3 
box.  Basically you get your own web interface, and hostname with SSL - 
and the use of HyperKitty so that way new people can just use the 
mailing list like a forum if they want to.

*At the moment it runs...*
- https://lists.functionoffice.org ... no lists on this yet, but there 
will be shortly - mostly announce-only I expect
- https://lists.seaquake.net ... this is for our Seaquake project, only 
a test list on this for now
- https://lists.staffslug.org.uk ... this has the 3 main mailing lists 
of StaffsLUG... general, meetings and trips.

But it would be a 5 second job to add a (for example)...
- https://lists.wolveslug.org.uk

If you fancy it?

p.s. this newer Mailman 3 instance of ours has been running since August 
without any issues, we ran a Mailman 2.1 before that... and looong 
before that we were also on lug.org.uk's setup too.

There is something about Discourse that makes me think twice when I 
looked at it before, I can't quite put my finger on it - maybe it's the 
fear of it going "open core" in the future. :S

Steven Maddox

On 08/01/2020 13:37, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
> In a bid to meet potential members where they aleady are, I've created a
> Wolverhampton Linux User Group on Facebook:
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1286286274912296/
> I've already invited a few people who are active LUG members I'm friends
> with on Facebook. To everyone else, please feel free to join if you use
> Facebook.
> I'm still setting up so there aren't any posts but I'm certainly lacking
> any decent images to use. The LUG logo is too small for use according to
> FB. If anyone has any decent and recent photos of LUG members, please
> join and share them (photos of me in a thong not welcome). Likewise if
> anyone feels like cobbling together a new logo.
> At this point, I'm not sure what the FB group will be used for beyond a
> shop front for new people to find us. The aim is to be findable and
> point people towards the mailing list. That said, younger people find
> mailing lists weird and antiquated so maybe the Facebook group will
> develop into a place for sharing and discussion.
> Another thing I'm thinking about is a Discourse server:
> https://discourse.org/
> It's essentially a modern web forum that will be more familiar to
> younger users (see above comment about mailing lists). Simon Burke
> kindly set up a test environment to play with and I've had a bit of a
> poke at it though I have to admit I've not used Discourse elsewhere so
> I'm not familiar with it. Does anyone here use Discourse in other
> communities?
> I may try to add a 'drone' Discourse user and set is a mailing list
> member to see if we can get cross-posting from Discourse to the mailing
> list, though list members would need to follow the Discourse links to
> reply and I doubt it would be possible to get mailing list emails to
> appear as Discourse posts.
> Personally I'd prefer maintain all discussion within the mailing list
> and use these other things as funnels but we have to move with the times
> and use whatever people prefer so we'll see if these bring us any new
> users and which medium is most popular over time.
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