[Wolves] Post Christmas meal photos

Andy Chamberlain triumph900 at talktalk.net
Thu Jan 23 09:53:54 UTC 2020

Hi Richard,

Thank you to Gabrielle for taking the pictures and to you for loading 
them on FB.

I am not too brilliant with computing but the LUG gang have helped me a 
lot. They managed to recover a presentation of mine from a hard drive I 
had corrupted some how. Also advised me on how to upgrade a 10 year old 
Dell laptop to an SSD.

I noticed your accent but was not sure, I would guess North America but 
probably wrong.

I do hope you both can make the meeting at the Royal Tiger in Wednesfield.

Best regards to you both.


On 23/01/2020 07:36, Richard Sheppard via Wolves wrote:
> ell Laptop to an SSI've just loaded the photos that Gabrielle took to the FB group :-)
> Thanks again to Adam for arranging everything, and to everyone for making
> Gabrielle and me feel welcome.

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