[Wolves] LIST - Virtual Meeting, 15th July

Andy Chamberlain triumph900 at talktalk.net
Wed Jul 15 10:00:27 UTC 2020

Hi all, I was wondering if SF still receives these emails as I have a 
potentially very serious issue with one of my dogs. It may be a Heart 
problem and requires a £400 procedure for diagnosis. I just wanted a 
second opinion. My dogs are insured but there is a £75 excess on the 
policy. if you are reading this SF, the Vet has examined him and says 
his Heart sounds alright but that doesn't mean it is, The above 
procedure is an X Ray and a Lung wash out. He reckons the X Ray may not 
indicate a problem and the Lung wash out is to draw off fluid to send to 
the lab.

He is alright most of the time but as soon as we go for a walk he gets 
out of breath after about 200 metres. I stop for a few minutes he 
recovers a bit and then when we get to the park he chases his brother 
around like a div. I sometimes have to carry him home but only for a 
short distance. I would really appreciate a second opinion as I don't 
want to put him through an unnecessary procedure.

Thanks,  Andy

On 13/07/2020 11:34, Andy Chamberlain via Wolves wrote:
> On 13/07/2020 11:29, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>> FAmo is hosting as usual. Contact him about any access issues.
>> ay doesn't always indicate aproblem.
>> Date:
>> 19:30 onwards, Weds 15th July
>> Location:
>> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88561550122
>> Meeting ID: 885 6155 0122
>> Password: TBC shortly before the conference. Please check the list.
>> Instructions:
>> You will need to install the Zoom client:
>> https://zoom.us/download
>> Once installed just click the meeting link above to join the conference.
>> If that doesn't work for you, you can start the Zoom client and paste in
>> the meeting ID. You don't need a Zoom account to participate.
>> Please put your names below and estimate your arrival time to help
>> others judge when is worth joining.
>> Goes:
>> 1. Ad - around 8pm
>> Late/Maybe:
>> 1. Andy
>> No Goes:

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