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Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 17:13:16 UTC 2020

Thanks John, I'll add them to the list. Beyond the top 3 I only know
what half of the others are. Again, aside from the top 3 I'd probably be
interested in the GNU Radio, Arduino and 68K Linux ones. Perhaps the
radio guys would be interested in some of the ones I've never heard of.

Yes, the point of the lightning talks, aside from stimulating discussion
and providing an easy on ramp to giving talks for those that haven't
done it before is that some of them will be popular enough that they can
be developed into longer format talks.

For everyone else, if you're planning on joining the virtual meeting on
Weds, then please propose your talk title. You might not end up doing it
this time around, but proposing one is the price of admission for this
weeks meeting.

As we don't yet have any means of voting for talks, I'll let the speaker
choose their own subject, unless people want to specifically request one
that somebody proposed.


On 07/06/2020 02:46, John Alexander via Wolves wrote:
> to continue the list I can do something on
> Fedora
> Docker
> SDR radio
> GNU Radio
> Arduino
> Maybe a combo with some Satellite stuff GPRedict etc
> 68KLinux ....Getting the Retro Grove Going
> ADSB using dump 1090
> SSTV on Linux
> NTP(Timetravel for beginners ;-)
> I'm sure there's more Also Adam could we use a short talk as a basis of
> GreenLighting  a longer one if popular or the person liked delivering
> the appetiser
> Also there are a LOAD of fully fledged and Lightening style talks
> delivered to SLUG which can see the light of day again  is WLUG interested?
> On Friday, 5 June 2020, 18:26:01 BST, Adam Sweet via Wolves
> <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
> Thanks Chris, I'd be interested all of those. The bottom 5 particularly,
> and the first two later on. I've seen your Bergamot talk twice, but you
> can do it for those that haven't.
> FWIW, I've put all this stuff up here:
> http://wolveslug.org.uk/proposed-talks/
> I'll keep this list updated as people offer subjects they can talk on
> and request some they'd be interested in and we can pick them off over time.
> Ad
> On 05/06/2020 16:50, Chris Ellis via Wolves wrote:
>> This is a great idea, and I'd really encourage everyone to try and do
>> a short talk.  No matter how nervous you might feel about it, people
>> won't bite.
>> If you think you can't talk about anything that would interest others,
>> I'm fairly certain you will be able too, as they say, there is a book
>> in everyone.
>> Things I'm happy to talk on:
>> * Ceph - Software Defined Storage - Quick overview and some of the
>> pain I went through with it
>> * Routed Network Fabrics - How to build really high throughput
>> networks dirt cheap using commodity switches and Linux cleverness
>> * Bergamot Monitoring - Need I say more
>> * ESP32 - What is it and getting started.
>> * Containers - Happy to do an intro to Docker / Containers / Podman,
>> how to run stuff and how to build containers.
>> * Kubernetes - What is it and getting started
>> * openSUSE - A quick look at MicroOS and Kubic - new variants of
>> openSUSE which are pretty interesting
>> * Anything PostgreSQL related
>> Happy to listen to anything other people want to talk about,
>> especially things that they find interesting and are passionate about.
>> Chris E.
>> On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 4:18 PM Adam Sweet via Wolves
>> <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk <mailto:wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk>> wrote:
>>> So, here are some things I could talk about:
>>> * The command line for beginners
>>> * Network monitoring with Nagios
>>> * SNMP and how to monitor your network with it
>>> * Diet and exercise for geeks
>>> * Taking care of your back when you sit down all day
>>> * How to grow chillies (and other vegetables)
>>> * Setting up a website with Linux
>>> * Network file sharing with Linux (NFS, Samba and SSH)
>>> * Guitar basics
>>> * The basics of cooking good food well
>>> * Introduction to OpenBSD
>>> * The FreeBSD and OpenBSD pf firewall
>>> Some things I'd like to hear others talk about:
>>> * Containers (LXC, Docker, podman etc)
>>> * Kubernetes, what and why
>>> * ESP32 (firmware, language runtimes and power saving)
>>> * HomeAssistant
>>> * Python programming, maybe C, C++ and Java too
>>> * Introductions to other distros e.g. (Open)SUSE, Elementary OS
>>> * Basics of electronics
>>> So, go ahead. Feel free to post a list of things you could demo or talk
>>> about and let me know which of the above you'd like to hear about.
>>> Only rule here is you should offer more than you request...
>>> Ad
>>> On 05/06/2020 15:37, Adam Sweet wrote:
>>>> On Weds we discussed the idea of holding regular lightning talk
>>>> evenings, perhaps once a fortnight or once a month as a prelude to
>>>> holding longer format talks in future.
>>>> By lightning talks we mean 5-15 minute introductions to a topic that you
>>>> know something about and can explain to others. Ideally, that would be
>>>> something geeky or to do with technology but it doesn't have to be, it
>>>> could be some other area you know about like music, cooking or gardening
>>>> since we're a diverse group and have lots of interests. Perhaps
>>>> something along the lines of:
>>>> * Your preferred Linux distro
>>>> * A particular software application that you know that others might be
>>>> interested in
>>>> * What you do in your line of work (sysadmin or dev tools, the language
>>>> or IDE you use, what technologies you use)
>>>> * Hardware (PC, server, embedded, Arduino, ESP32/ESP8266, radio)
>>>> * Radio stuff
>>>> * A particular musical instrument you play and how to get started
>>>> * Gardening or some other hobby you might have
>>>> Obviously, being a 5-15 min talk it doesn't need to be a deep dive, just
>>>> an intro and answering some questions.
>>>> We're an interesting bunch and we have a lot of expertise in different
>>>> areas of technology and a lot of interests outside of technology so I'm
>>>> sure each of us can come up with something.
>>>> So, for this coming Wednesday's virtual meeting, I'd like everyone to
>>>> think of something they could talk about for 5-15 mins on and we'll
>>>> choose enough to fill maybe an hour.
>>>> Don't be worried about talking about stuff you think everyone will
>>>> already know, or won't want to know, or getting something wrong, or
>>>> being heckled, we're all in the same boat and most of us have known each
>>>> other a long time.
>>>> I think we'd all like more LUG content, talks and presentations in
>>>> particular, but nobody actually wants to give them, so we all have to be
>>>> prepared to contribute and this is a low barrier to entry.
>>>> So, that's the price of admission for the next virtual meeting. If you
>>>> want to join the conf, then be prepared to talk about something. Do a
>>>> bit of prep so you know what you're going to say, maybe prepare some
>>>> slides or do a screen share to show stuff. If we have more than an
>>>> hour's worth, then maybe you won't have to do yours until the next time,
>>>> but at least you'll have to volunteered and we'll have something in the
>>>> bank for next time.
>>>> I'm going to post a follow-up containing a list of things I could talk
>>>> about and a list of things I'd like to hear others talk about.
>>>> Ad
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