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Thought this was interesting from Birmingham LUG.


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This is the 2020 Wheeler Lecture from the University of Cambridge
Computer Lab on *The Future of Microprocessors* by Sophie Wilson:


This is an updated version of the talk I posted about in 2018. It's 1hr
40 mins long, Sophie's presentation begins at 6:50 (6mins 5sec).

It's another excellent and information dense presentation covering the
history and progress so far, which blends in nicely with the
technological problems to overcome for continued progress, the immense
costs now required to keep up with Moore's Law, the economics and huge
machines required for the ever increasing processor complexity and
component density.

She presents ideas and speculation of what is in development to progress
forwards, such as integrating liquid cooling channels directly in to the
chip, a 25KW SoC and an Intel processor that integrates specialist units
like a GPU, TPU, NPU, DSP all into one processor in an attempt to speed
things up.

It depends on the application but personally I question if complexity is
a way forwards and feel some simpler innovation is required.

Hope you enjoy the presentation.


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