[Wolves] CANCELLED - Meeting at the Royal Tiger, Wednesfield

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 12:06:23 UTC 2020

On 18/03/2020 11:23, baden powell via Wolves wrote:
> Hi Ad,
> Well done you re taking on the lead for Wolveslug by the way, hope you can
> roll with it for a good while :-)

Thank you. I've been rather busy the last few days, sorry I didn't
respond sooner.

> I'm just north of the M54, just off the A449 ( a vague memory has you
> nearby once upon a time ).

Yes, I was Coven Heath opposite the allotments.

> I'm at home most of the day most days, so am happy to do what I can to help
> get summat in place, and in fact would vote for holding a virtual meet this
> evening, even if it was simply to test stuff for the next one. Being nimble
> is a good thing....
> As to weekly vs fortnightly, this virtual approach probably lends itself to
> more frequent meetups... however no doubt others will have a view on that.

We'll go with the majority preference but there's nothing stopping
people having weekly meetings even if the majority prefer fortnightly.
My schedule is variable so I can't commit to weekly meetings, but I'll
join when I can and they can go ahead without me if not.


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