[Wolves] Fw: November End of Month 26/11/20 IOT & Postgress DB FU... Shropshire LUG

John Alexander acontractornow at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 20 00:30:19 UTC 2020


 Chris Ellis  as kindly volunteered to give a talk on IOT+Database Mechanicswhich in fact is a lot more interesting and a lot more useful than you can  imagine ... be there or be square!

Talk abstract

Internet of Things is a currently a burgeoning market, and is often
associated with specialized data-stores. However PostgreSQL is just as
capable at this use-case and can offer some compelling advantages.

We’ll explore ways to store IoT data in PostgreSQL covering various
ways to store and structure this kind of data. How range types and
differing types of indexes can be of use. Also taking a quick look at
some extensions designed for this use case.

Then looking at powerful SQL features which can really help when
analyzing IoT data streams, and how the power of a real SQL database
can be a key advantage.
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