[Wolves] Humble Bundles

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 10:21:23 UTC 2020

Hi everyone

There are a couple of Humble Bundles on at the moment the moment that I
though people might be interested in.

For anyone not familiar, Humble Bundles are bunches of books, games,
comics, software and media creation tools from well known publishers
where you pay what you want, but at certain payment levels you get
additional content. The bundles are usually available for 2 weeks before
they expire.

The ones I thought people would be interested in are:

Programming books from No Starch:


AWS, Azure, Google and Cloud security books from Wiley:


iOS and Android development books from Packt:


Data and AI books from O'Reilly:


This last one only has 8 hours left, so get on it if you're interested.


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