[Wolves] Virtual Meeting July 7th

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 11:15:28 UTC 2021

Oops. Updated the subject.

PSA: I've decided to stop the monthly daytime meetings as after some 
early promise the number of attendees tailed off to below that of the 
evening meetings which means daytime is an unnecessary limitation.

That said, I'll be watching the England game this Wednesday evening so 
if anyone wants to pop in between midday and 1pm I'll try to be around. 
I had a good chat with Chris a few weeks back when he couldn't make the 

For what it's worth, although the attendee numbers for the meetings look 
relatively low on the list that's circulated each week, there are a 
couple of people who attend every week that either aren't subscribed to 
the mailing list or just don't put their names down, so the meetings are 
actually better attended than they appear.

Nevertheless, I do look forward to resuming fortnightly in person 
meetings after a few months of seeing how the relaxation of social 
distancing rules pans out and when a majority of people feel comfortable 
socialising in groups again.

Anyway, this weeks list. Please add your names if you plan to attend.

Regular weekly social.


19:30 onwards, Weds 7th July.





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