[Wolves] IRC now moved to Libera.Chat

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 19:38:15 UTC 2021

I've been meaning to mention this for a few weeks. Not that anyone 
really uses our IRC channel but it was #wolveslug on the Freenode network.

There's been a bit of bun fight within Freenode and most admin staff, 
many of the Open Source projects that used it and a large percentage of 
its users have abandoned Freenode as a result of seemingly hostile and 
underhand actions taken by its 'owner' and have moved to a new IRC 
network called Libera.Chat founded by former Freenode admins.

As a consequence, I've decided to abandon our channel on Freenode and 
move to Libera.Chat. I went to register #wolveslug on Libera.Chat and 
was surprised to find it already existed and Chris Ellis (@intrbiz) was 
in there.

More details on Libera.Chat here for those that care about IRC:


A summary of what happened at Freenode is here though the story may have 
evolved further since the article was published:


Our website was updated to reflect this change, but to save you the 
trouble you can join with an IRC client like Hexchat, Srain or Irssi:

Host: irc.libera.chat
Port: 6697
TLS: enabled
Channel: #wolveslug

Or you can use the web client in your browser and tell it to join 
#wolveslug on connect:


If you're not familiar with IRC, you don't need a login account, you 
just tell it what to call you. Since the channel is newly set up and IRC 
isn't commonly used these days, be aware that replies might take hours 
if nobody is paying attention. IRC is one of those things you leave open 
and check now and again, nobody is sitting there watching the window.


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