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Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint mark.croft.lug at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 15:22:54 UTC 2021

It fresh install of Ubuntu mate 20

On Mon, 26 Jul 2021, 13:22 Adam Sweet via Wolves, <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> On 26/07/2021 11:13, Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint via Wolves wrote:
> > Still having problems getting my TBS dvb card working.. details below..
> <snip>
> > https://controlc.com/7026a620 <https://controlc.com/7026a620> pwd MONKEY
> I'm not clear on the order you've provided the information in here, it
> seems a bit mixed up. Also, you don't say what OS this is on but what
> follows assumes it's something Ubuntu based.
>  From the information you provided it looks like the device is detected
> and a driver is loaded for it, then you get an error about the firmware,
> you say you think the firmware is installed, then you delete all kernel
> media device drivers, then you run a script to build a driver for the
> device...
> Firstly, running the following command seems a really bad idea.
> (Hint that should be obvious, do not try the following command at home)
> # sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/
> It will have forcibly removed all media device drivers (there are a lot
> under there) and you would presumably have needed some of the core and
> common ones that you removed. I'd be surprised if you aren't having
> weird AV related things fail now, or at least after rebooting.
> You'll probably have to reinstall your kernel to put them back,
> something like:
> # sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic linux-image
> Moving on, maybe the order that you provided the information in is wrong
> but as I said it seems you had a working driver already and were getting
> a firmware loading error. You're going to need to be sure that firmware
> is there. What do you see when you run the following:
> ls -lh /lib/firmware/dvb-fe-cx24117.fw
> If it's not there then it's not there. It looks like you can get it from
> the following link if it's not in your driver bundle:
> https://github.com/OpenELEC/dvb-firmware/blob/master/firmware/dvb-fe-cx24117.fw
> Or follow the instructions here:
> https://github-wiki-see.page/m/ljalves/linux_media/wiki/CX24117-firmware
> And copy it to /lib/firmware/dvb-fe-cx24117.fw (with sudo).
> To check that the driver is working, look at dmesg as you did (dmesg |
> grep dvb) and fire up whatever front end viewer you're using. It's a
> long time since I played with this stuff but I recall there are a few
> hoops to jump through to scan for channels, store them and then view
> them. I believe the KDE media player Kaffeine made this somewhat easier
> but this email from March has some links to help you with some tools for
> the job:
> https://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/wolves/2021-March/033781.html
> HTH. If you get it working let us know.
> Ad
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