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David Jackson davidjackson at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 19:38:47 UTC 2021

On 09/06/2021 16:03, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
> On 09/06/2021 07:16, Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint via Wolves wrote:
>> Looking for high level r a d Dev tool for my android or website?
>> Repair cafe redditch n others need a bette solution then spreadsheet 
>> as way too track repairs
>>   So client needs too fill in details of item too repair contact 
>> details collection address (it cud a friend or family member doing it 
>> for old relative . So pickup address n.could be a number if difficult 
>> contacts)
>> Who repaired it?
>> Etc
>> It gets quite a complex app or website.. would b nice if this was 
>> stored in database? One reason we not gone done this route they 
>> believe disposable written records will not be issues with data 
>> protection I think it doggy solution n trying too b too clever..
> First thing, I'm not a developer so I can't help you much.
> I don't see why a Google Docs spreadsheet wouldn't work unless you 
> need the people requesting the repairs to fill it in themselves, in 
> which case they'd see the personal information for everyone who had 
> previously requested a repair so it depends on who is filling it in.
> Something like Google Forms might suit you instead.
> If you want to build your own web or mobile app you're going to need 
> to pay a developer and for hosting for the website and storage of the 
> data.
> If you're storing people's personal data I'd expect you're bound by 
> GDPR and it gets complicated at that point. I'm not an expert on GDPR 
> so you'll need advice from somebody who knows more about it. At the 
> least you'll need to tell people what data you store and provide a way 
> for them to request a copy or ask you to delete any information you 
> hold on them.
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Your biggest problem with Google forms is the data will be stored 
outside of the EU, and going on the European court ruling last year you 
would be on dodgy ground when it comes to GDPR.

As an alternative you could set up yourself a little Nextcloud server, 
this offers the ability to create forms that customers could fill in and 
you can export the results in .csv format to import into a spreadsheet. 
Also in Nextcloud you can use the deck app which enables you to create a 
T card type system to place jobs on and assign it to members to complete.

I have created a little demo form for you to see what you can setup in a 
couple of minutes to see if this would give you what you want, here is a 
link to it:-


Dave Jackson

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