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I know this is not Linux, but I know some people on this list play with
I have a component I wish to replace on a PCB.
It is a TSOP−6 package about 1.5 x 3 mm. It is a chip with 6 pins.

I have not done surface mount stuff before.

As it is so small, what do people suggest as options for going about doing

I am trying to repair a PSU because I don't like waste.
I understand electronics, and know how to solder normal through hole
components well enough.

Other complications, when it broke, it has fused resistors (causing them to
be open circuit) and at the same time missing a label, so it is quite
difficult for me to determine what value resistor they were. Any ideas?

I also understand that it would be cheaper and easier to just go out and
purchase a new PSU, but that is not the point here. It's more of the
challenge and environmental aspect that I am doing it for.

Kind Regards

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