[Wolves] Amending Meeting times /days/frequency etc

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 13:08:04 UTC 2023

On 22/07/2023 02:26, John Alexander via Wolves wrote:
> Hi everyone, recently the WLUG meetups have reduced in uptake to myself 
> Chris and Dan, others come but it's not frequent.
> Chris came up with some good ideas and 'll leave it to him to explain them.
> What do people want in a meetup, events/social/Study  etc,,, when and 
> how often would be good for the members.
> I'd like to open up this as a discussion thread. What do others think?

Sorry to take a few days to come back on this. I'd be interested to hear 
what Chris has to say, but from my point of view, I think the world in 
general has had enough of video calls after the pandemic. They're 
certainly useful but lack the qualitative and tactile nature of in 
person meetings.

For me, I now have a baby and I simply can't reliably turn up to video 
calls as I'm never not doing anything. It would be easier for me to make 
in person meetings as I can arrange to be out for evening. I could 
probably make once a month if we agree on a location. They could be 
fortnightly as they were before, or once a month with a video call on 
the other fortnight. I'd be happy to go back to the Royal Tiger as a 
regular and then move around few other locations too.

I had plans to hold events to build up some momentum and encourage new 
members. Unfortunately some family news kicked the legs out for a while, 
then COVID and later my wife becoming pregnant sucked all the air out of 
the those intentions. The talks were quite popular but I was burnt out 
after the Rocky Linux one, I wasn't able to find volunteers to give any 
more talks and wasn't able to sustain it. There are a few pages on the 
LUG website about proposed talks and events. We always need suggestions 
and ideas.

I don't currently have the availability and we're lacking other 
organisers. We need volunteers and motivators.

Aside from that, what were you going to say Chris? Everyone else, what 
would you be interested doing and what would encourage you to meet up?


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