[Wylug-announce] Next Meeting - Monday 9th June 2003

Jim Jackson jj at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 10:54:20 +0100 (BST)

Greetings All,

Thanks to Roger for the good overview of printing under linux at the last
meeting. His presentation (fuller than his talk) is on the web site.

The next meeting is the last in the "Introductory" series we planned.
Back to a hodge-podge in July.

This Monday we have Aaron doing an introduction to editors, covering the
main 2, vi and emacs, and Dave is doing an Intro to OpenOffice.org
the "Free" office suite. Should be good.

I'll give my apologies now. I won't be there. I'm on holiday from this
w/e. I've been trying to plan the July meeting, and despite loads of
offers over xmas new year, things haven't come together for the July
meeting for all sorts of reasons. But we do have Smylers doing a talk on
"Power Shell Usage: 'Bash' Tips & Tricks" to continue the CLI/Shell theme.

Afterward the meeting, down to the Victoria Pub for chat and a drink.
Everyone is welcome, and it is a great opportunity to tap people for
information and help.



                West Yorkshire Linux Users Group  (WYLUG)

             Meetings are free and open to anyone to attend.
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                           Monday 12th May 2003

                      6:30 pm for Tea/Coffee and chat
                          7 pm prompt for speakers

                               Vi and Emacs:
                 Why Text Editors are Good for Your Health
                                Aaron Crane
                               GBdirect Ltd.

           Aaron explains why Unix power users prefer flexible but
            hard-to-learn text editors, and looks at the two most
                popular families of text editor, Vi and Emacs.

                         Question and Answer Session

                      OpenOffice Wordprocessing and More
                                 Dave Fisher
                                GBdirect Ltd.

           A brief overview of what OpenOffice offers for GUI-based
          preparation of ad-hoc, short-life documents in which visual
          presentation is a high priority, i.e. where mark-up and DTP
                   are overkill and plain text is insufficient.

        WYLUG Venue:  Active Learning Lab.,  (Level 9, near staircase 2)
                      E.C. Stoner Building   (aka Physics/Admin)
                      University of Leeds
                      Woodhouse Lane
                      Leeds UK

             for location of Leeds University & Campus Map see

    "Informal" Discussions Continue after the meeting at the Victoria Pub
              on Great George St. at the back of the Town Hall.