[Chester LUG] Stephen Fry the renaissance man

Les Pritchard les.pritchard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:12:23 UTC 2008

It's always nice to see articles like this written by someone Joe Public
'trusts'.  Someone who isn't viewed as being too technical to understand.

Parts of the article give me the feeling that he thinks that Open Source is
a relatively new thing.  But still, all good publicity!  I'd be interested
to see if people who have bought the Asus would be willing to install Linux
on their desktop system.

Has anyone on the list got one of these?  Would be interesting to hear a
techie's experience with it.

p.s. on another topic; some amusing reading....

On 2/4/08, David Holden <dh at iucr.org> wrote:
> Stephen Fry the renaissance man
> http://stephenfry.com/blog/?p=39
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