[Chester LUG] Spare parts

Stuart Burns stuart.james.burns at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 00:20:51 UTC 2008

After scavenging round and building 4 !!! pcs out of bits, I have a few odds
and sods left over.

I have an Intel Mobo and celeron (1.6 GHz I think) onboard sound, lan, video
etc etc with 128MB RAM if anyone wants it. I also have a busted mobo of the
celeron variety but i suspect this has a mobo fault due to lockups (I know
for a fact) but the cpu should still be good if anyone wants to chance it.

Also have a few odd memory sticks, matrox video card and a bucket of
winmodems. also have a hp vecta 450MHz/8GB/64 MB ram and a spare case and
psu of same style.

If anyone wants any of it let me know.
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