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Dan Lynch biglynchy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 12:46:52 UTC 2009

The tech meet sounds great. I don't have any topics to add I'm afraid. It's
been a mad couple of months and things have conspired to keep me from
attending a meeting. I really hope to make this one. The weekend before is
Lugradio Live and Oggcamp so I'm gonna be really busy there, hopefully
things will calm down by the Thursday. It's a shame it's not earlier in the
week or I could bring another Linux Outlaw with me, he flies back to Germany
on Wednesday though. Never mind.

The O'Reilly book thing is cool, nice work Les! I saw LivLUG had done it but
didn't even know about the program before that. Reviews would be excellent.
The day trip thing also sounds cool and if we could find a weekend that
works for everyone I'd be interested.

See you all at the tech meet if not before in Wolverhampton. Take care :)


On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 11:35 PM, Les Pritchard <les at chesterlug.org.uk>wrote:

> Hi all,
> A few things to mention, so here goes...
> 1. Tech Meet
> I've managed to book a room at the Uni for the last Thursday of this month
> (29th) so we can have a tech meet instead of the regular pub meet.  I hope
> everyone is happy with that.  We've got a few topics already, but any other
> ideas you have please let me know.
> 2. O'Reilly books
> Like some other LUGs I've managed to register the Chester LUG with the
> O'Reilly user group programme.  This enables us to request review copies of
> books providing we publish our reviews on public sites / blogs.  A review
> section to the site maybe?!  The more useful benefit to us all is that we
> can get 35% discount on ALL O'Reilly books plus free postage.  I'll bring
> along the info at the next meet, but please give me a shout if you want to
> buy anything sooner.
> 3. Day trip :-)
> We've mentioned the idea of organising LUG trips and the other night I saw
> the national computing museum at Bletchley Park on the tv.  It's still in
> the early stages of being set up, but I just wondered if anyone else fancied
> a trip to Bletchley Park as there's plenty of other things to see.  I've
> checked the trains and it only takes 1hr 40 to get down there, so it's
> easily doable without making it a very long day.  I'm thinking a Saturday
> for this.
> Please let me know your thoughts / feedback to any of the above.
> Les
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