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David Holden dh at iucr.org
Sat Feb 23 08:37:26 UTC 2013

If you want I can tar up my /etc/apt and send it you.


On 22/02/13 17:15, Les Pritchard wrote:
> Thanks for all the feedback. In the past I've always been happy with
> other versions of Mint, I use the Debian edition on a forensic desktop
> and that deals with big (TBs) sized files with no stability problems. So
> maybe this is just an odd blip. I always used to use Ubuntu on the
> desktop until a couple of years back, then on this particular desktop I
> was using Pinguy. Not a very well known distro, but it worked really
> well on my hardware. Trouble is it didn't have a smooth upgrade path,
> hence the change. I figured being the most popular distro out there,
> Mint can't be that bad. Just wondering if the KDE version is a poor
> relation.
> David: Yes it was Nadia that I downloaded a couple of days ago. Come to
> think of it, I installed from the same ISO onto a virtualbox VM and I
> didn't get a problem then. So it's very strange, maybe it randomly picks
> from a list of sources and just some of them are incorrect?
> Dan: I've used Kubuntu a few times and did like it, I was just wondering
> how well supported it was now. From what you say, it sounds like it is
> still going strong and could be a good option.
> Les
> On 22 February 2013 16:48, Michael Crilly <mrcrilly at gmail.com
> <mailto:mrcrilly at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Sorry to hear about that Les! I use Mint on my desktop in work and
>     it has a few issues here an there (mainly Cinnamon), but I don't
>     believe I have experienced that issue. It has been quite good for me.
>     At home I use Debian in the laptop and a Mac for media. I think
>     straight Debian is the way forward, personally. It's an absolutely
>     rock solid distro. Anyway this isn't a distro vs distro conversation.
>     - MTC
>     On 22 Feb 2013, at 15:54, Les Pritchard <les.pritchard at gmail.com
>     <mailto:les.pritchard at gmail.com>> wrote:
>      > Hi all,
>      >
>      > Last night I decided to give Mint a go on one of my primary
>     desktop systems. I've used the Debian edition and previous Gnome
>     versions in the past, but with all the the Gnome changes I have
>     found myself using KDE more.
>      >
>      > So I grabbed the KDE version of the latest Mint and installed it
>     with no problems. All worked really well and I was pleased with
>     hardware support etc. The problem came when I tried to run an
>     update. Apt-get returned a whole load of 404s when trying to update,
>     saying the servers could not be found.
>      >
>      > A quick look into the sources file showed me that the repos they
>     had for the Ubuntu servers all referenced the code name for the Mint
>     distro and not the matched Ubuntu edition! (All these code names are
>     just annoying in my opinion). So a quick change of the name to the
>     correct Ubuntu code name and all the updates worked perfectly.
>      >
>      > A quick Google suggests that others have seen this problem too. I
>     find it very hard to believe that a distro could be rolled with such
>     a simple error. Also being such a trivial error, that it hasn't been
>     quickly fixed amazed me. The experience didn't fill me with
>     confidence about the distro at all.
>      >
>      > Has anyone else found any other issues with it? Should I be going
>     back to Ubuntu after all this time?! Or over to something like
>     Fedora / Mageia / Fuduntu...
>      >
>      > Les
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