[Chester LUG] Chester Digest, Vol 271, Issue 7

Sebastian Arcus shop at open-t.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 14:08:27 UTC 2013

On 25/02/13 11:39, Bogus Zaba wrote:
>   On 22/02/13 17:57, Roger Gibson wrote:
>>> I dual boot Windoze 7 with Ubuntu (updated through many versions)and
>>> have no problems with rwx access to Windoze partitions (same on my
>>> desktop, laptop and notebook).
>>> Although I use a separate ntfs partition for my 'data' files, so as  to
>>> facilitate reloading/changing loaded OS, (MS software support
>>> recommended to me reloading Windoze every 12 months to remove
>>> 'inevitable ongoing corruptions')
> Stranger here - I have never been to the Chester LUG, but I have been
> lurking on the list for a while (based in Denbighshire and working in
> Liverpool so passing through Chester quite a lot).
> Just to contribute to the dual-booting discussion - my Thinkpad laptop
> dual boots Slackware and Windows 7 quite happily, although with
> VirtualBox, QEMU and Wine I rarely need to actually cold-boot into
> Windows. Slackware comes with LILO as the boot manager and only command
> line utilities for re-sizing the partitions which you need to do when
> installing Linux on a PC with Windows pre-loaded but it all worked fine
> for me - I can read and write to the original Windows (NTFS) partition
> as required with no issues. There may have been some magic stuff had to
> be put into /etc/fstab to achieve the write-access if I recall correctly.
> Bogus Zaba

There are two drivers for accessing the NTFS file system. The official 
kernel one (which is used by default by the mount command and fstab - if 
nothing else is specified) - and the the fuseFS NTFS-3G one. I believe 
the official one can still only do read-only access (some copyright or 
patent issues, if I remember correctly) - but the fuseFS one can do 
read-write. So you have to specify ntfs-3g either on the command line 
(if using mount) or in fstab - if you want to be able to write to the 
NTFS share.

At least that's what I recall - at least on Slackware. If anybody can 
spot a hole in my explanation, feel free to shout


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