[Chester LUG] Home NAS device

Tony TF tf+lug at tonyf.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 19:48:46 UTC 2017

As I've seen no other comments here I thought I might wade in with one or
two basics about a NAS for your security cameras.

A NAS Attaches some Storage to a Network or more descriptively shares
regions of a storage device on the network. On Linux this is usually done
by the Samba software which provides the Microsoft SMB interface to share
disk partitions or directories. Have a look at Samba. If you install it on
your laptop and share your USB drive you should have a usable NAS.

I personally am wary of sharing things over the Internet (like your camera
stream) It probably has to go via some proprietory server associated with
the camera manufacturer. Your configurations to keep this secure are a
whole order of magnitude more complicated than a basic LAN.

There are others in the lug far more competent than me. They might feel
that your level of expertise means you have a lot to learn to get where you
want to be, or maybe they're just too busy. Have a look at Samba but bear
in mind that you have to keep everything secure. You might be better off
installing a ready made NAS distro

Have fun
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