[Chester LUG] Home NAS device

robin592 at yahoo.co.uk robin592 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 23:02:50 UTC 2017

Well I know pretty much sod-all about NAS, so I doubt this will be much help, but all the same...

Are you trying to configure your laptop to act as a router, so you can then turn the plusnet thing off, and have your security cameras connect to your laptop instead? I take it your laptop could then (sneakily?) record the camera feed before it gets sent wherever it gets sent to on the Internet.

Failing that, what about a script that reacts to the motion-trigger email, logs into the camera using it's IP address, and downloads the last hour of footage? I think there are some command line tools that can do that kind of thing. I can't honestly say I know offhand how to use them though.


On Wednesday 08 February 2017 19:48:19 Tony TF via Chester wrote:
> As I've seen no other comments here I thought I might wade in with one or
> two basics about a NAS for your security cameras.
> A NAS Attaches some Storage to a Network or more descriptively shares
> regions of a storage device on the network. On Linux this is usually done
> by the Samba software which provides the Microsoft SMB interface to share
> disk partitions or directories. Have a look at Samba. If you install it on
> your laptop and share your USB drive you should have a usable NAS.
> I personally am wary of sharing things over the Internet (like your camera
> stream) It probably has to go via some proprietory server associated with
> the camera manufacturer. Your configurations to keep this secure are a
> whole order of magnitude more complicated than a basic LAN.
> There are others in the lug far more competent than me. They might feel
> that your level of expertise means you have a lot to learn to get where you
> want to be, or maybe they're just too busy. Have a look at Samba but bear
> in mind that you have to keep everything secure. You might be better off
> installing a ready made NAS distro
> <https://www.linuxvoice.com/group-test-nas-distros/>.
> Have fun
> Tony

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