[Colchester] Gutsy Release Party

Tom Robbins me at tomrobbins.me.uk
Thu Oct 11 14:47:25 BST 2007

The last train from Liverpool Street to Colchester North is at twenty  
past midnight (I think). Depends what day of the week it is.

If we do our own the big problem is finding a venue. What did you  
have in mind?


On 11 Oct 2007, at 14:39, Jai Harrison wrote:

> With the launch of Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu) there are some parties around
> the country. The big ones seem to be in Birmingham and London. Should
> we attend the London party or have our own? I'd like to know what
> peoples' thoughts on the matter are.
> Here's a few things to consider:
> <-> If we attend the London party we will need forms of transport to
> get to and from London. Train services back to Colchester probably
> don't run much later than 10PM (the last one I can get, living in
> Dovercourt, is 10:30PM).
> <-> If we run our own we need to *run* it instead of just going to the
> hole in the wall and drinking. We'll have to do something different
> and special to mark the occasion. Copies of the Gutsy Gibbon CD are a
> must (so download at release, burn and bring some along) and we can
> hand them out to people who don't have the bandwidth to download the
> ISO, don't have the tools to burn the disc and just general people we
> bump into.
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