[Colchester] Best ISP?

john at cloned.org.uk john at cloned.org.uk
Wed Oct 24 10:47:49 BST 2007

On Wed, 24 Oct 2007, Ben White wrote:

> HI,
> Yea there's still a few of us from KeConnect lurking on the list.
> We've actually got ADSL2+ offerings around Colchester from the main
> exchange that could be interesting, the fastest line we've seen syncs
> at 23.5Mb or so downstream and with some tweaks can get up to about
> 2.1Mb upstream as well.  I've no idea how our pricing compares to
> others, we just make it work and leave that to the sales/marketing
> folk.

How much of that 23.5 do you get at the IP layer?


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