[Nelug] Problem mounting removable media in Redhat 7.1

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Sun Nov 24 12:51:01 UTC 2002

Gary J Park writes:
 > I'm having a problem with a computer with Redhat 7.1 installed upon it.
 > I needed to reinstall Redhat since there occurred an error with the
 > Linux partition (EXT2). Ever since it was reinstalled I haven't been
 > able to access CDs or floppy disks in their drives. When I try to mount
 > a floppy or CD (either in the CD-ROM or CD-RW) I get the following
 > error(s):
 > Could not mount device
 > The reported error was:
 > Mount: mount point /mnt/floppy (or CD or CD1)
 > Does not exist
 > Any suggestions to a solution would be greatly appreciated.
mkdir /mnt/floppy
mkdir /mnt/CD
man mount

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