[Nelug] Anyone know anything about how to install an RS6000 43p 140?

Edward Younger - Sun Volume System Products - Software Engineer Edward.Younger at sun.com
Sun Sep 8 13:56:01 UTC 2002

Peter Wolfendale writes:
 > Most of the time it starts to read the CD or floppy and then nothing 
 > more happens, I can't type anything more in, or indeed do anything.
 > I've been looking into it and I think the problem may be that the 
 > monitor is plugged in through a graphics card (some kind of Altera 
 > Flex). Unfortunately there appears to be no display adapter on the 
 > motherboard so this is the only place to plug it in. This would mean 
 > that when linux actually boots it doesn't display on the monitor, though 
 > I can't confirm this in any way. I need some sort of kernel argument to 
 > add to make it display through the graphics card, unfortunately I've 
 > been unable to find anything, I've seen references to such a procedure 
 > but no actual instructions.
Hmm, if it's anything like Sparc Linux it will (try to) use whatever
openboot gives it as input-device and output-device as the console.
Are they currently set to "keyboard" and "screen" ? - I guess so.
Have you tried a terminal on the serial port to see if anything's
coming out there ?

Just some random debug thoughts.


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