[Nelug] Introduction

Andrew Hatch andrew.hatch at bluespace.com
Wed Aug 20 12:15:01 UTC 2003


Just introducing myself to the list.  I've played with Linux for a while
now, but certainly don't consider myself to be an expert.  I installed
slackware back in 1995/6 and since then have been using RedHat
occasionally for desktop use, but mostly in a server environment.

I've now switched to Debian for my desktop (dual boot to Win2k)(as its
non-commercial) and has a great package management system!  I'm
impressed with Gnome/Sawfish, and I also use Wine to run Word, Excel and
Powerpoint ('97 version) in order to edit/view documents from work.  I
must say I had to battle long and hard to get Debian set up properly
with a reasonably new kernel with WLAN, but I'm glad I fought.

I have a strong interest in 802.11b networking and I'm regularly found
using the hotspots in Starbucks when I'm in London.  Oh, and if you have
any Java related questions, I'll also help out there!

I look forward to participating in this mail list!


Andrew Hatch

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