[Nelug] Slackware 9.0 problem

Paul Fotheringham paulf at fotheringham.ukfsn.org
Wed Aug 20 18:51:00 UTC 2003

Hi Nick ( & everybody else - I've been lurking for a while... ),

> PROBLEM:  I boot up from LILO, and it goes into darkstar: login
> I then login as "root" and password as specified during the initial
> software loading.
> But where do I go from here?
> Do I need to compile a kernel, and if so how?  Or has this already been
> done under ver 9.0?

No, that's all done otherwise it wouldn't be working at all :)

> If not then how do I run Linux to get into KDE?

I believe Slackware doesn't start X windows by default so you could try typing 
"startx" at the command line after logging in. If this works then you can set 
things up to automatically start X after booting up, I just can't remember 
how to do that at the moment...

> Also from the darkstar root, how do I logout, so that next time it doesn't
> need to repair the contents of the disc partition every time?  Exit and
> logoff seem to do something, but I always then end up at the Darkstar login
> again, without actually exiting exiting, if you see what I mean!

Well that's all correct. Logging out or exiting should put you back at the 
login prompt. What you want to do is shutdown the machine. See the man page 
for shutdown for more info. but you should be able to just use the "halt" 
command. If you want to reboot then just type "reboot". 


> I know this is v basic stuff, but documentation from the Slackware site
> varies at the login, so a bit stuck!
> Many thanks again
> Nick Paton.
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