[Nelug] Reminder- NELUG meeting: 8.00pm, Durham Rowing club

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Mon Dec 8 22:29:08 UTC 2003

Edward Younger - Sun - Volume System Products UK writes:
 > 	** Calendar Appointment **
 > 	Date:	12/10/2003
 > 	Start:	 8:00 pm
 > 	End:	 9:59 pm
 > 	What:	NELUG meeting: 8.00pm, Durham Rowing club

I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to make this meeting again.

I'm also sorry that due to personal commitments, I'm unable to
continue as the "organiser" of NELUG. I need to ask for volunteer or
volunteers to take on the various responsibilities associated with
running the group. At the lowest denominator level these are:

1) administer the mailing list. This is largely a passive task now as
   the mailman list server software pretty much deals with everything other
   than approving the occasional post from a member posting from an
   address other than the subscribed address. All the admin tasks
   are now web based for simpliicty. lug.org.uk need and admin contact
   email address for the list.

2) Maintain the web site. At present this is in my personal web space
   at uklinux.net with an automatic re-direct from lug.org.uk. It
   needs to be moved, either to lug.org.uk servers (where it would be
   hosted for free) or elsewhere if the webmaster so decides.

3) There is no # 3

4) Act as NELUG contact. This means having a contact email address
   published in various national computer publications
   (eg. linuxformat) and fielding the occasional queries that result
   from this, in a timely and professional manner. Also anyone taking
   this on should subscribe to the lugmasters mailing list to keep an
   eye on the national LUG scene and participate where necessary. And
   take responsibility for NELUG participation in national efforts
   such as Linuxday (nationwide installfest), etc.

Can't think of anything else atm. That's the minimum set of tasks
needed to keep the group operating at its present level. Obviously,
the more time and energy the new organiser(s) can devote to developing
and growing the group, the better.

I have to say that if no-one can come forward to take on these duties
then the group will effectively cease to function, and that would be a
shame. I have been doing the job (jobs) for 4 1/2 years now, I'm sorry
I can't continue, but it's also a good thing for someone or someones
else to take over and perhaps breathe new life into things where it's

If anyone wants more info on what's involved please get back to me
either privately or on the list.

Thanks for all the fish


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