[Nelug] ADSL & uklinux.net

Ian McKeag ian at pulsar.uklinux.net
Wed Dec 31 01:12:58 UTC 2003

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your reply.  I do have VCI & VPI set as you suggest.
After taking a long hard look at what is going on here, especially the 
way my
router is shouting down the wire at BT,  I called BT's fault line ( in 
of course) and asked for a line test.  They confirmed that there is a 
fault at
their end.  They have promised to have it fixed today.

Had I had a functioning adsl connection go wrong I would have been more
confident in my diagnosis of the possible causes but when I'm setting it up
for the first time I always tend to blame myself first!

Have you a linux system connected through BT broadband?  I ask because when
I initially enquired of BT about such a possibily they were very 
negative about

Thanks again and a happy New Year!

Steven wrote:

>Hi Ian,
>I have a Netgear DG814 and have seen something like this before and if
>uklinux is anything like bt broadband you will need to change the VPI
>and VCI to:
>VCI = 38
>VPI = 0
>before the router will be able to attain a dhcp address (if uklinux
>supports this).
>I know Netgear sets their routers to different default values.
>Then its just a case of making sure that you have entered your username
>and password into the router, and setting all your PCs
>to use DHCP from the router (dont forget to check if this is enabled, it
>should be by default).
>On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 12:07, Ian McKeag wrote:
>>seasons greatings!  (not my favoutite time I'm afraid,  Bah! Humbug! etc.)
>>Have you any experience of setting up an ADSL router connection to
>>uklinux.net?  (xxxxx-uklinux at ukadsl)
>>They have given me little info, username and password, and they seem
>>un-enthusiastic when it comes to support.  I'm trying to use a Netgear
>>DG834 Firewall router which has established a modem link but is
>>otherwise not playing at all.  I have assumed DHCP but nothing is
>>My web searches have yielded little help.
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