[Nelug] ADSL & uklinux.net

James Ogden james at jeo.org.uk
Wed Dec 31 08:16:53 UTC 2003

Ian McKeag wrote:

> Have you a linux system connected through BT broadband?  I ask because when
> I initially enquired of BT about such a possibily they were very 
> negative about
> it.

While I don't use BT anymore, I have had a linux box at the end of a BT 
ADSL link, and I know a number of people who do that currently.  BT may 
not actually support it, but they don't seem to deliberately make it 

I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I'm a 30 year old 
professional software engineer currently living in Basingstoke, but 
considering a move to Newcastle.

I've been using linux since 0.96 or something - copying slackware onto 
50 floppy disks at University was a pretty high barrier to entry!  I've 
currently got 2 machines regularly running linux - a 'server' running 
Debian testing (at the end of a wireless broadband link), and a laptop 
running Gentoo.


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