[Nelug] Hello

simon.oldham at sicom-systems.co.uk simon.oldham at sicom-systems.co.uk
Wed Jul 2 08:43:01 UTC 2003

Thanks for the advice. I prefer to read from books, as opposed to from 
websites, but trying to find books on unix specifics is not always easy 
(except for the ubiquitous '...for dummies' which don't go into enough detail 
and certainly don't cover unix programming). Waterstones don't usually bother 
with this area, and my University library (Wolverhampton) appears to be 
funded by Microsoft(!). This leaves Amazon, from whom I have bought many 
books, but this involves taking pot luck on the title at £40.00 a go (poor 
student etc.). If anybody has a title in mind, I would be happy to trust your 
judgement and purchase it from Amazon.



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